Hello Kitty / Betty Boop Store


Interior and exterior demolition of the “I Love Lucy Store and Museum”.  All Lucy memorabilia had to be carefully removed and prepared for shipping prior to the demolition, overseen by the Arnaz Family.  Once complete the store interior was removed back to the structure, and the exterior windows, doors, and partial façade removed and prepared for new materials.  The store was themed in three different finishes and merchandise for 1) Hello Kitty, 2) Universal Studios Store, and 3) Betty Boop.  Exterior work was performed to change the finishes and window displays of the entire structure prior to painting and adding canopies. 


All new mechanical and electrical systems were added to the existing HVAC and electrical equipment, requiring cleaning and updating.  Floor prep and leveling had to be completed prior to laying the laser cut specialty flooring (each laser-cut tile was numbered from the factory prior to shipping) so that the specified pattern could be duplicated.  Work hours and deliveries were performed after park closing because the building sits in the middle of the park.