JK2 family of companies sponsors service dog in training

The JK2 family of companies is devoted to giving back to its community and is always on the lookout for ways to bring positive change into the world. Recently, the companies have partnered with Canine Companions for Independence to sponsor a service dog in training, who they have fittingly named JK2.

Canine Companions for Independence is a nonprofit devoted to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and support, with no charge to them. The nonprofit knows the pups aren’t just the eyes, ears, hands or legs of their owners, but their best friends.

Over the next 18 months, a volunteer puppy raiser will provide JK2 with a safe home and everything he needs to be the best service dog possible. The volunteer will take him to special obedience classes, serve up a healthy diet, and most importantly, give him lots of love. The JK2 family of companies will handle all of the dog’s expenses, from purchasing food and sponsoring his training classes to covering vet visits.

After JK2 is trained, he will have the opportunity to help a person in need.  He will be the loving sidekick for a wounded veteran, child or adult with disabilities.

JK2 Construction and JK2 Scenic are so proud to be involved with Canine Companions for Independence, and the life-changing work it’s doing in the local community.

JK2 might just be a little pup now, but soon he will be a big help and light in a deserving person’s life.