Rick Amundson, VP of Operations

As the Vice President in charge of Operations, Rick is instrumental in the negotiation, design, construction and close out of all commercial projects at JK2, managing all field and office staff necessary to complete the clients project on time and on budget.

Prior to joining JK2, Rick owned his own contracting company and met Paul Holmes during the negotiation of the Palisades Golf Course Clubhouse. In 1997, Rick joined JK2 while still a relatively small contracting company working out of his home, since the main office was behind the Chicken Coop at Paul’s house guarded by a 135 pound Rottweiler. JK2 now operates out of the 5,400 square foot office within the AECC Industrial Park. As a partner at JK2 and a partner in the AH2 development company, Rick helped develop the industrial park that is now home to JK2 Construction and JK2 Scenic. As one of the founders of the JK2 Scenic Division in 2009, under the JK2 umbrella, Rick has seen both the Construction Division and the Scenic Division survive the economic downturn and thrive over the past three years to regain a respected place in the market.

Rick entered the construction industry before graduating from high school here in Orlando in 1978, working as a carpenter. While working as a mason laborer and finally being hired by UPS in Gainesville, Rick financed his own education. Since receiving his Bachelor of Building Construction degree from the University of Florida in 1984 and receiving his State Certified Contractors License in 1986, Rick has worked in Land Development, Commercial and Residential Construction for large commercial contractors and national residential contractors.

Why did you join the JK2 Team:

Paul Holmes is one of the most honest and hardworking people I had met and he had a vision for a larger company. I met Paul and at a time when he needed to expand and I needed a change from residential construction. I had a background in commercial construction and the fit for the two of us was right for an upcoming project. I was a self-starter and liked running projects on my own, so with the support of the office I completed my first project at JK2, the Palisades Golf Course Clubhouse Facility, on time and under budget. I could not have done it without the help of a great superintendent now retired – Thank You Bud!

What has been your greatest accomplishment at JK2?

There are so many accomplishments, it is hard to single out one and here is a list of some of the most memorable moments in my career: Working a 24-Hour shift at the Hard Rock Hotel to get it ready for the first guests the next day; Starting construction on Phase I at AECC and building JK2’s first office in Building One; Starting construction on Phase II of AECC and moving into our current office in Building Three; Watching Jimmy Buffets Airplane wheeled into place at CityWalk for the opening of the Lone Palm; Starting the JK2 Scenic Division; Completion of Tower 2 at the Westgate Palace; and seeing my son at work in the Scenic Shop.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

What I enjoy the most is vacationing with my family, whether we are snow skiing in Colorado or Utah, catching Lobster in the Keys, relaxing in Mexico, visiting family in Virginia, or climbing the Beehive in Maine….I enjoy it all. I enjoy spending time outside on the boat (fishing – freshwater & saltwater both inshore and offshore) and golf (although there is not enough time to be good at it, I enjoy it just the same).