Voodoo Doughnut

or this 2,418-square-foot project, JK2 Construction completed everything from demolition of interior components, exterior walls and storefront to constructing a fully operational kitchen. JK2 Construction was charged with building a chef’s office, viewing kitchen, a display line and POS stations, both fixed and mobile. The construction company also added a new lighting and dimming package, A/C distribution, automatic opening entry doors and elevator access to the restaurant. In addition, JK2 Construction added flooring, storefront windows, architectural aluminum finish, built-in banquettes, custom seating and multiple specialty finishes.

After JK2 Construction completed the interior build-out, JK2 Scenic added the “wow factor” with the final touches that brought the signature style of Voodoo Doughnut to life. JK2 Scenic fabricated decorative props, the POS service station and display line, custom display shelves, and the famous rotating doughnut cabinet, which showcases the crazy-flavored doughnuts in the center of the sales floor.  All of the eclectic art and show pieces, bringing the creatively weird and edgy space to life, were coordinated, purchased and installed by the JK2 Scenic team.

“I’m proud that both JK2 Construction and JK2 Scenic have been able to work on the Voodoo Doughnut shop at Universal’s CityWalk in Orlando,” said Paul Holmes, JK2 Construction president and founder. “Together, we’ve created something iconic that is both a complement to the other outstanding venues at CityWalk and a showpiece visitors will enjoy for years to come.”

Both companies were able to overcome the logistical challenges of working inside a small retail footprint within a high-traffic tourist destination, completing the project in the allotted time frame.  JK2 collaborated with Universal Creative and the interior designer to ensure the look and feel of the space was delivered with perfection.